Random ramblings …


Hey Its official  .. February ..the month of love is here ! My mind is filled with images of candy , chocolate hearts , perfumes and red roses !! Sigh !
I kick started the New year with great ado. But it was indeed hard to say goodbye to a piece of my heart and to a 108 days of happiness , laughter , tears , learning , healing , travel, loooong chats over chai ,hot cocoa under the stars , sharing blankets and memories in the moonlight and more !
My heart takes long to heal ! In silence and tears I sit to reminisce about the good times gone by . The clock that once ticked away relentlessly now seems to have been literally stuck in Time .I seek  refuge in the only way I know .. Writing !!

I was in grade 6 . It was one of the most dreaded part of my day in school …essay writing! Our prescribed text book then was a mean looking , formidable Wren and Martin, red hard bound ,which enjoyed the iconic status of being the Grammar bible !
I tried really hard to read up essays from the book , the beginning , the body ( middle ) and the end . My grandfather gave me several simple topics as practice but after the first few lines .. a complete block , ideas did a vanishing act !Nothing further ! I always had to tear off several  pages, they were shabby with more eraser marks on them than sentences !

I think he got tired .. no exasperated is a more appropriate word and soon fell asleep on the couch . I looked at him and felt a sudden rush of love. I thought of all the little things that he did for me , of how he struggled to help me cope , of how much he must love me to put his life on hold and keep the faith . I knelt on the carpet and rested my head on his chest ! After a while he opened his eyes , smiled , ran his fingers thru my hair and went right back to sleep ! That moment was magical .It did something to me .It did something for me ! It kindled a deep feeling within . I felt .. there is a human spirit that binds two souls together and this bond transcends everything we know ! It was palpable and as tangible as the air that we breathe .I felt the air that was in his lungs was now in mine . I learnt that our happiness lies in making someone else happy !

Every passing minute is yet another chance to turn it all around ! (Gratitude to Vanilla sky) I knew in that instant that writing did not need any of those super intelligent ideas or a sophisticated vocabulary ( that always eluded me ) All I had to do was to write what was in my heart!!! Needless to say someone got an ‘A ‘for the best essay !

Through this struggle was born a dream ,an ambitious dream to write ,first for my own self esteem and then to leave a little bit of magic for those like me .. bad handwriting, sinstocular vision and  a borderline dyslexic!

So hermosos amigos … join me on this journey of random ramblings – of sounds , letters and words , of thoughts that go way beyond the pedestrian and of seemingly inconsequential moments that will warm your heart and fill your soul with the joy of living !! Te veo pronto !❤️💖


7 thoughts on “Random ramblings …

  1. So lovely to see you here Arundathi! First of all, a warm welcome to the fascinating world of blogging! This is going to be one amazing journey as you travel far into the depths of your inner world to explore, unravel and recreate the many marvels of your memories, imagination and experiences. The road to the magical goalpost is elusive and a bit bumpy but every bit worth your time and effort! There are friends to be made and awards to be won and so much to be discovered on the way. Having just completed a year into this magical journey myself, I can tell you, you are going to love this! So, cheers to those forthcoming posts…we are all waiting for them to come. Take your time and enjoy writing! The fun has just begun 🙂


  2. Look forward to reading your blogs Aru! This one touched my heart and I am sure you will inspire and tug at several heart strings in your journey into the blogworld! All the best! Love and hugs…


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