Of love , peace and understanding Face Book


It was well past his bedtime when I noticed that spouse was still at the study table busy peering at his laptop screen! No music playing so I presumed that he was doing some serious study which he often does.
As I went up to him and he said ‘Aru how do you deal with situations and people you don’t understand?

Woah !! Wait a minute Doc, Lets just focus on one for now. People or Situations? It’s too huge to combine.
So People it was!! It set me thinking! After 38 years of togetherness, 2 kids, their spouses, several pets and 1 grand daughter, why are we discussing the complexity of human relationships at this hour?? I know its not easy to have an in depth understanding into the delicate dynamics of interpersonal relationships yet this question??? I wondered what brought this on? He is very zen,  so this turmoil was strange and new!

Next morning while clearing up, tucked under the black Dell laptop lay a folded A4 size sheet. There was something written in his beautiful handwriting! I am one of those lucky few who doesn’t have to suffer illegible writing that is so often (unfairly ) associated with their hand written prescriptions!!! So unlike some belonging to my tribe, I dint have to take his letters (snail mail) to a pharmacy to be deciphered !
Here it is …..
“I belong to a very rare (?) breed of ‘Late’. Not to confuse it with ‘late bloomer ‘ but someone who honestly believes in the immense power of slow!  Slow and steady wins the race! It was my favourite quote . I had it printed in my school year book! Slow? Guilty as charged! And Steady? Consistent at being fashionably late? Guilty yet again!

I am a late entry on FaceBook. I did not have much difficulty mastering the subjects in Medical school but I am totally perplexed with the not so fine nuances of FaceBook! The anatomy of an official page on FB appears very complicated to me!  Profile picture, cover photo, like button, reply button, comment box , options about photos and events, community page, news feeds, access,  tag reviews, user interface, timeline, privacy protocol, messenger and much more !! Breathless!!! I am so glad that our classes were limited to the Human Anatomy !!
My significant other can border on cynicism sometimes so when she called it was FakeBook I took umbrage. It had helped me reconnect with people I had lost touch with and I was very grateful !!
During a not so recent phone upgrade transition I lost a few contacts and after a personal request most responded immediately  but a few said they had added me but hadn’t !! Faking friendship? A debate on Real versus Reel friendship? Sure bring it on !! A very harsh welcome to the real world!! ”
That was a cry to the universe, straight from the heart!! Aren’t we glad for GCF learnfree.org and many more such tutorials who walk us through the algorithm of social networking platforms .
I told spouse that once one has understood the Biology , Math and Metaphysics of FaceBook …..let the Chemistry work its way straight into the heart ! Its a beautiful space where one can sit with a cup of tea or a drink .. have casual conversations, serious discussions, share ones life and times, learn and grow!  The flip side? Do I need to mention it? No I guess not!
Así que la gente hermosa .. mi familia y amigos ….I invite you to share your experiences .. The good, the bad and the ugly ! What is your FB quotient?? QED !


6 thoughts on “Of love , peace and understanding Face Book

  1. Another lovely post…very thought-provoking I’d say….and straight from the heart too! You have such a natural flair for writing, I wonder why we didn’t have a blog from you so long!!! And, as for Facebook, well, let’s say that I choose to remember the good that it has brought into my life, through my connections with long-lost friends, old neighbours and extended family who are now part of my everyday conversations. Also, in the same breath, may I add, I also lost quite a few friends who, over time, stopped being there when I was looking for a kind word and/or support during a difficult time! It is baffling to gauge people’s behaviour at times and what I really dislike about facebook is that there are quite a few stalkers out there too, who never wish to keep in touch with you but snoop around to follow your every move as if their very life depended on that! These are the people that I really have aversion for! Now, with the blog, I feel I’m able to reach out to a lot more people than I’d have otherwise, all thanks to facebook! So, there you go, the good outweighs the bad any day 🙂

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    1. Asante sana Esha ! I am still groping my way through it all . Blogging is a whole new world for me . So glad you liked it !
      I agree that FB has been a meeting ground . I too have reconnected with some extraordinary people and its been a voyage of discovery .
      On the flip side its given me a lot of grief because a few so called ‘friends’ inadvertently used it as a platform to hit out . And stalkers phew !! It takes all sorts right ??
      Going forward I wish for FB to have more buttons ‘Like’ seems inadequate ! How about .. Hate , absolutely adore , lovely , spectacular , reader /viewer discretion advised not to read /viewed by people with weak tear glands and more !

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      1. What a crazy day it’s been…was looking forward to reading your comments! Blogging opens up so many avenues doesn’t it? It was interesting reading about your facebook experiences…true they say it takes all kinds to make this world!Love your idea of all those options instead of just a ‘like’…we need not depend only on the emoticons then to convey what we need to…! Please do keep the writing going…you could even write a brief post when you feel you want to say little…but please do share with everyone on facebook…it takes time for readership to grow but let me reassure you, you will do wonders as there are hundreds more who’d absolutely love to read your posts over and over again! I’ve had days when I couldn’t write a line due to writer’s block…it happens…now I happily take a break and try not to be too hard on myself!Everything happens for a reason…and I believe your blog is a beautiful place which will give you plenty of reasons to be grateful and thankful for when you see how the blog is shaping up 🙂 A big big hug all the way from the South of the city. Hope to see you someday soon!!!

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      2. Crazy day .. Hugs ! I guess its the season for crazy days . Murphy’s law , messy home and moody maids .. But reading your comment everything seemed to fall into perspective and I am falling in love with life all over again 💗💝
        Thank you for your encouraging words .Often times we need a little wisdom spoken to us with the gentleness and purity of heart !
        Hugs right back to you . We must meet soon .

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      3. Small things that unsettle us momentarily…health issues are not letting me settle in peace, so many battles are on…But I am trying my best to hold on and keeping my chin up! Btw, am loving your posts…do keep them coming 🙂 Will definitely meet in 2016!!!

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      4. Years ago Spouse gifted me a book by Richard Carlson…..” Don’t sweat the small stuff” .It was a great book by all standards but frankly I have a different take !.How often do we do the big stuff ..marriage , kids,buying a new home a fancy car , a no expenses spared holiday ? Our life is all about the small stuff that happens in between !
        I know you will tide over your health issues.Thank you so much for your encouragement ! Huggs

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