Periyamma .. the Prayer warrior . 

Until you know that life is war, you cannot know what prayer is for.

John Piper

Papa was agnostic and Maa had her own pooja rituals . Service life offered us multi religious beliefs and it was interesting because it impacted our lives in ways I cannot even explain . I know Maa was curious about how me and my siblings would handle Religion .

Prayer was not a forced practice . We had our own little ways of bribing our Maker ! Papa always maintained that prayer is not asking , it should be a soul cleansing exercise and a daily admission of our weakness.

And gifting a prayer was a concept we learned very young . Not asking God for a favour for ourselves but wishing someone well and doing our modest bit to make life easier for those around us .

Today as I was walking back from the post office I heard hurried foot steps behind me . I was tempted to turn and look but resisted .

It was Anjal amma .. Periyamma to most of us.In our enclave she is almost an institution , a landmark ! Anybody needing directions to our home are told Shalom is opposite the place where Peiyamma works !! Will check google maps to confirm that . We knew each other from way back and our association just grew organically over the years . She was a part of the team of workers when our home was under construction two decades ago .

I waited for her and held out my hand to say Hi . We had some mundane conversation as we walked home . I asked her how Uncle Maraih is? ( our neighbour ..and Periyamma works with them. He recently went through a surgical amputation of his toe as gangrene had set in ) . She  said  he was recovering !

And right in the middle of the road she puts her hand over my head  and says in Tamil.. “ungallaka enname aavada akka . I pray everyday for you all , your home and everyone who comes there to be blessed with good health !

Misty eyed I mumbled something and said bye . I was overwhelmed ! It took me a while to absorb this ! Here was a lady , a domestic help who practiced intercession in all its glory . Age has ravaged this strong woman’s  body but her spirit is untouched by time ! I felt humbled by such generosity! Gifts come in all forms and I think that prayer is the greatest gift of all ! Do you too?? Care to share your story ? Happy Monday folks .

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4 thoughts on “Periyamma .. the Prayer warrior . 

  1. I needed to read an uplifting story like this especially after a miserable Sunday. I’m afraid my Monday Musing isn’t half as inspiring but it was the first thought that came to my mind this morning.
    Indeed when you pray for others, the prayers work best!

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  2. What a perihrudaya-ed lady! And how equally large-hearted your praises of her. Yes, prayer, ultimately is heart and not lip-service. Love yours, dearest Aru. GOD bless you. Shall remember to whisper a prayer for you and Alka tonight and as often as I can.

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