14 th February .. Valentines day .. with a difference

“Un-winged and naked, sorrow surrenders its crown to a throne called grace. This is what human love is––a sacred pattern of unbroken unity sewn flawlessly invisible inside all other images, thoughts, smells, emotions and sounds.”

💞Valentines day .. too much has been said already  and the hype is not funny anymore .Stores selling illusions , florists making a kill , fine dining restaurants overbooked , card companies  laughing all the way to the bank !

And then I walk into this huge supermarket and on my list are kitchen tissues and toilet paper if you please .

A beautiful  old lady .. greets me with a warm smile and a single long stemmed red rose ! Pleased I push my cart ahead .. another waiting with a tray of strawberries n cream tasting portions ..sparkling water , grapes  n cheese , chocolates .. the list of goodies goes on . You walk  past a bay because you cant  eat another morsel .. you are  followed with ‘ sweety here’s to go’!

At the billing counter 15 Annie says ‘ Hola hermoso … Happy  Valentines day ‘ A quick question .. what are you afraid of ? ‘

Me : mumbled , fumbled and finally said .. too long a list to tell you now ..I swipe , load my bags into my cart and with a hurried “thank you and have a good day” I am out !

I parked the cart .. got a latte and I was thinking .. what was that ? Asking such a personal question to complete stranger ? Over coffee I went over Annie’s question . I have never confronted my fears so what is it that really frightens me ? And my list goes….

#I am afraid of giving up ,giving in and letting go .

# I am afraid of the ticking clock ,of passing time  ,of missed opportunities .

# I am afraid of my unstable emotions which could get me into a stupid mess .

# I am afraid of losing control of my sanity .

# I am afraid of the death of a loved one .

# I am afraid of the vile claws of the crab .

I  walk right back into the supermarket and ask Annie what was all this in aid of ?

She says .. ” You mean the Valentine day question  ?”

Yes !

She says .. the volunteers are all terminally ill people .. with very lil time left on this earth so this was the stores gesture for them to spread some good cheer and brighten up this gloomy winter day ! Wow CSR taken to another level !

I am overwhelmed and I had this horrible feeling that my weak tear glands may let me down !

One of the them asks me how I was ? I say I am good !

Looking   into my eyes ” she says ..”no you are not ” and hugs me .

A hug I will not forget in a hurry !! I am still basking in its warmth .

My faith in humanity was restored ! A calm I haven’t felt in a while and  yes Happy Valentines Day . May you too experience such love from complete strangers who may not live to see tomorrow’s snowfall    !


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