My Minimalism Mojo

“When your space is clean and uncluttered you have no choice but to examine your inner state.”

~~Marie Kondo

It was always a treat to watch Maa’s organisational skills , the whole spectrum.. . cupboards , furniture , party logistics , kitchen and it be very unfair if I did not make a special mention of her pantry ! Even when she was almost 80 she worked tirelessly to maintain a beautiful home . Her mantra “ A place for everything and everything in its place “! We grew up admiring her aesthetic sensibilities despite the fact that more often than not the allotted accommodation was very shabby but for her the possibilities were always endless and the challenges … inspiring !!!!

I tried my personal best but I must confess it was no where close to Maa’s standard of excellence!! It was not as if I could classify my home as messy or cluttered or that it looked like a dump yard yet I felt that something vital was missing ! This got me interested in re-organisation. A few years later I read a book The Life Changing Method of Tidying Up . I was intrigued. Written by a Japanese professional organizer, Marie Kondo, it describes a very simple method to declutter! Contextually it applies not just your life , clothes , books or knickknacks but also to ones thought process ! What attracted me to it the most is how easy her method is and what it’s based on…. the idea of Joy . While on a trip to Japan I got a deeper insight into the fine art of KonMari .

I realise that a lot amongst us mistake minimalism to mean downsizing the things we have . That is just a tiny part of it . To put it in very simple terms Minimalism is a process that involves ridding oneself of everything that no longer serves a purpose. Minimalism revolves around finding meaning, value, and intention in every aspect of life. When someone decides to pursue a minimalistic route they acquire the ability to escape the constrictions that bind them to a life they are not happy with .

It could mean different things to different people ! Getting rid of clutter and mess in terms of emotional baggage , relationships , things around the house that have never been used and never will , multiples of things , damaged goods , chipped crockery , old clothes , electronics , paper products , books , kitchen supplies and more .

That’s when and where Marie Kondo and John Williams came into my life, to teach me a method of dealing with clutter . Usually if it’s stowed out of sight we feel it’s not there . But clutter eventually breeds negativity. So I decided to clean up right away . I always said marriage is not for the faint hearted but this was very challenging for more reasons than one ! First to part with something one has grown used to living with is hard and second if ones significant other is a certified hoarder of anything and everything then it’s almost impossible ! My list in random order includes old phone instruments , cables , rusty plumbing pipes , medical journals ,samples of supplements ,electrical appliances that are not working condition , bicycles from when the kids were young , old shoes , text books from Med school ( FYI graduating year 1974 ) clothes that don’t fit, odd souvenirs , artefacts one has outgrown and there is more ! All lovingly dumped in the basement and the adjacent room ! Reason .. क्या पता कभी काम आ सकता है ! Really ???

Believe you me the day I got rid of more than 90% of this junk .. I felt so liberated , positive and the whole place looked so large and cheerful ! We were able to organise garden implements , cleaning equipment and essentials , golf carts , laundry , extra seating for functions , clothes drying racks ,2 two wheelers , an elliptical and a bicycle ! Plus there was ample space inside to park our SUV !

So my dear amigos .. Minimalism is for anyone who is tired of their day-to-day hustle and just needs a change from the norms. It’s for someone who is ready to make a serious change, either because what’s there isn’t working or because everything else hasn’t quite stuck. Minimalism will help anyone to seek a better lifestyle filled with more purpose and intent than the one they unconsciously lived until now .

So wake up , de clutter , dejunk and organise . You can never find comfort in chaos !

If it’s not your thing , seek help . You know whom to call ! This was my path to rediscovering my Mojo !!! What’s yours ? Have an awesome Diwali ✨💥💫⭐️🌟

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