The Menacing Migraine

Dear migraine ,

Greetings from a dear friend ! Just a request can you please hang out literally ANYWHERE other than my trigeminal nerve?

Migraines don’t kill you ..they just torture you enough that you wish they did !!

Migraines can make you feel like your head is going to explode. Sometimes you just can’t power through them. Even with medication ( either oral or an injection ) you may have to stop what you are doing until the pain goes away.

It was around my 17th birthday ! We were walking back from college on a beautiful evening . I was so looking forward to stopping by at the local library to exchange my book . I had even decided which one to pick ! I felt sudden sharp stab of pain in my left temple and the next I knew was I was sobbing and trying hard not to throw up . My friends hailed an auto rickshaw and dropped me home . The apocalypse had descended !

Our family doctor was called and in the meantime Ammama ( maternal grandmother ) gave me some homeopathic pills for the pain . I had no clue what it was , dint understand why it came without warning and was so petrified that it would happen again ! Funnily 45 years later .. I still don’t know and so the saga continues to date .

Luckily, living with migraines now is different than it was when I was younger . In my 20’s they started coming out with medications for migraines. In addition to medication I began identifying the triggers and working on stress relief. I recognized that the migraine was triggered by strong fragrances, smoke , closed spaces , the food I ate , bright lights and almost everything under the sun.. including the sun.

And while I am still on the lookout for a perfect cure … my life has greatly improved since my childhood migraines days !! . I am able to take a more positive outlook on my condition. Funny thing about having migraines is when you’ve had so many bad days, you really enjoy and value the good ones!!

Everything ugly has a small beautiful side to it too ! While the pain is excruciating .. ten to twelve hours later.. it takes everything with it ..hidden resentments , the disappointments , the regrets , the dreams that remained one and all the vain anxieties! The migraine has played its part well as a circuit breaker and the fuses have emerged intact. There is a pleasant convalescent euphoria. So the Oscar goes to … !!!!

I have learned when to expect it, how to outwit it, even how to regard it, when it does come .. more as a friend than lodger. We have reached a certain understanding… my migraine and I.

Shalom ✌🏻🙌

Hasta mañana.. until we meet again .


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