Corona chronicles

While a lot of people are waxing eloquent on social media about what our government is not doing and what it should be doing . The irony of life cannot be ignored . While we watch devastation and death on one hand .. I see hope and happiness on the other . I know one person cannot control the destiny of of a nation but one has the power to restore ones faith in humanity!!!

Here’s a story :

Close to our neighbourhood are some high end apartments. I noticed that outside one of them Voltas had installed a refrigerator ( complete with lock n chain and an awning ) . The watch man informed me that it’s a part of the “Wall of humanity “ project . People leave food here for the less fortunate .

Construction of a tower behind this one has come to a stand still . The daily wage labourers have their temporary sheds .. a roof over their head but little else . Took a head count .. 35 including kids .

So my neighbour and me decided to cook . We would pack simple food in 35 foil containers . I worked on lunch and she did dinner .

We would leave the perishables in the fridge . This way the dignity of the labourers was not compromised .

Day 3 .. a few ladies from the building approached us and offered to pool resources to supply food till construction work resumed .

On Ramnavami as I walked back to the car after I dropped off the food .. I saw a little boy lift one corner of the foil container and his smile made me misty eyed . I had packed halwa puri n chana .( a dear friend had mentioned that they had Sheera for dessert so I was inspired to make it for the kids here )

Wait the hero of this story …, no .. not my neighbour nor me ! It’s the small veggie shop owner who refused to charge us , the man who runs a pretty provision store who donated 5 kgs each of rice , toor dal and atta … and a watchman of the building who brings a flask full of chai and Marie biscuits twice a day .

When asked he says Madamji ..इस संकट की घड़ी में जितना हम से बन पढ़ता है हम करेंगे ! बाँट के खाने में ही सुख है !

I know I will never forget the generosity of their heart and spirit ! It sure restored my faith in humanity !



Incredible India 🇮🇳

6 thoughts on “Corona chronicles

  1. As John Maszka said ” The Soul of Humanity is not dead ” . ..Such a beautiful story about the milk of human kindness in the times of the Novel Corona Pandemic . These terrible times have brought to the fore , the innate goodness in people as well as their baser qualities . It’s ironic that the less fortunate are willing to share what little they have while many of the more privileged keep belly aching about the inconveniences they face even as they are busy trying to procure their next bottle of Single Malt .
    .Its a cruel world , but as long as Good people inhabit this planet , there is still Hope for Mankind . Thank you Aru for sharing your experience ….May your tribe grow !!!

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    1. Thank you for dropping by Col Jay . So rightly said about some of the privileged who gripe about their inconveniences while they continue to have the choicest of coastal cuisines and desserts on their dining table and at the other end of the spectrum are those who settle for a simple one dish meal just because they have seen people for whom even that is a luxury ! Yes it’s time we understand that the people who save this world don’t always carry guns or don a uniform .. there are these unsung heroes who in their own modest way restore dignity of life !


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