Finding beauty in a broken world .

In the 42 years of our marriage , I don’t remember having brought Spouse close to tears than when I asked him recently if he was willing to shave my head.He agreed and I was so delighted with his work . Precision .. a doctors hallmark !

This was not intended to aggrandize my hair as if it was some priceless relic which was lost to civilisation but it is a realistic depiction of how a 62-year-old grand mother with salt and pepper hair , freckles and wrinkles would react to a situation !

People were curious . Some sceptical , some cautious while some very blunt . A barrage of questions came my way !

Did I feel less of a woman because I don’t have hair ?

Do people perceive me as less attractive ?

Was my hair such an important part of my life ?

I think they were relieved to know that this was something I wanted to do .

One of the questions that stayed with me was .. “Aru do you feel like a woman now ? I mean your hair was a huge part of how you looked , felt and how others perceived you .“

To be honest in many ways, I feel more feminine than ever before and I must say that I have a better understanding of the forms that femininity evokes within me . More importantly I needed to create space for some primary relationships to grow .. based on realness, rawness , fairness and unadornment.

I am so happy that this Summer look got me a lot of compliments as well as tips on how to care for a bald head that now resembles an angry hedgehog 🦔🦔!!

To all of you have sported this look (what whatever the reason may have been ) I invite you to share your feelings . Thank you folks !

Signing off from Shalom !! . Rediscover ❤️, Reinvent ❤️and rejuvenate❤️ ! Stay home ! Stay well !

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